Thomas started Kicks when he first started school 6 years ago, when Amelia first started up her franchise in Horsham.  Since then, Thomas and his brother, Jack, have been absolute superstars and a credit to Kicks Dance. They are lovely boys; so polite and friendly.  

Read what Ian, the boys’ dad, has said about their time at Kicks.

Our son, Thomas, experienced a taster session in his Reception year at Primary school. He came home that day excited and full of enthusiasm for an after-school club that he wanted to join. He, and a few of his friends, went along to the first session and came home even more excited than before. Now in Year 6 he has not lost any of his enthusiasm and love for Kicks Dance.

After 6 years in Kicks, he has flourished and developed a love of Dance and performance. Kicks, and especially Amelia, has provided him with the skills, desire and, most importantly, the confidence to step out on stage and perform. I can still see this young boy, who is not naturally confident, out on stage, alone, in front of 400+ people performing his dance part.

His enthusiasm and love of Kicks has passed smoothly to his younger brother, Jack. The first club that he joined was Kicks. They have now both performed in theatres in East Grinstead, Crawley and Horsham and a number of School and Village Fayres.

They both still love the classes, full of enjoyment and beaming smiles, to the extent that they also now enjoy helping out with some of Amelia’s other classes. 

Our boys didn’t have a great deal of confidence in their abilities but because of the care shown by Amelia and the Kicks team they have developed a confidence that is amazing to see.

“How do we adequately thank Amelia and the whole team? From the bottom of our hearts ­– Thank you”.

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