When a child attends a Kicks Dance activity, we commit to help them:

  • feel comfortable and self-confident
  • be happier and healthier
  • see Dance and the Arts as an enriching and exciting experience and get them moving in a fun and enjoyable way
  • make new friends

We also agree to provide you and your child with:

  • a professional service
  • high quality classes
  • trained dance leaders with DBS check, qualifications and/or experience and insurance
  • a safe and friendly environment for learning

In return for this commitment to you, we ask that you agree to our terms and conditions before your child joins one of our activities. Please contact us via our webpage www.kicksdance.co.uk/contact-us if you have any questions


1.1 Payment must be made in advance of the start of term/Kicks activity and/or within 7 days if joining part way through the term

1.2 Payments are non-refundable. However, in the event of Kicks Dance cancelling classes due to staff illness etc, an extra class will be added whenever possible. Where this isn’t viable, Kicks Dance will deduct the fees off the next invoice or issue a credit on account to be used for future Kicks activities. In the event of a child not returning the following term, fees will be put on customer’s account for 6 months from the cancelled class to be claimed for a future Kicks activity. Where this is not agreed upon, parents will have 6 months from the cancelled class to claim a refund. In the event of cancellation out of Kicks Dance’s control (ie. venue cancellation/issues, bad weather etc), Kicks Dance will endeavour to add an extra class. Where this isn’t viable, Kicks Dance will add the value of 50% of 1 class’s fees to the customer’s account. In the case of a child not returning to Kicks activities the following term, parents will have 6 months to claim a 50% refund. In the event of the venue cancelling the Kicks activity, bad weather and other circumstances out of our control, Kicks Dance will add extra classes where possible or issue credits for the following term. Injuries etc resulting in a child not being able to take part in classes will be discussed on a case by case basis

1.3 Workshop payments are non-refundable in the case of customer cancellation, but will be put on account in event of Kicks Dance’s cancellation for customers to use against future Kicks activities

1.4 Pro-rata amendments to the package cost will only be made when a child is joining part way through a term

1.5 Kicks Dance payments must be made by bank transfer

1.6 Children will not be permitted to take part in a Kicks Dance activity if payment is not made by the date stated

1.7 Kicks party deposits are non–refundable, except in the event of cancellation by Kicks Dance, when full deposit and any other payments will be refunded. In the case of cancellation by customer, payment (minus deposit) will be refunded

  1. Publicity and consent

2.1 Photos and videos of, and testimonials from parents and children may be taken by Kicks Dance at Kicks activities and may be used in future online and offline marketing. For example but not limited to: social media, website, flyers, banners, newspapers etc. Only images of children with photo disclaimers will be used in public.

  1. Classes and events

3.1 Appropriate clothing should be worn by all participants at all times (ie. no crop tops, skirts without shorts underneath, offensive slogans etc)

3.2 Children must be on time to classes wherever possible

3.3 Contact must be made to Kicks Dance in the event of a child missing a class or activity

3.4 Contact must be made to Kicks Dance if someone different is collecting child from Kicks activity

3.5 All children must be supervised by parents at venues before and after sessions where relevant and appropriate behaviour must be upheld when on venue’s premises

3.6 Children must bring a (no nut) snack to after-school classes and a named water bottle to all Kicks activities

3.6 Choreography is the property of Kicks Dance

  1. Health & Safety

4.1 Customers must ensure Kicks Dance has their up to date contact details

4.2 Kicks Dance staff will administer First Aid if required and staff may call the emergency services if necessary

4.3 Anti – social behaviour such as running, shouting and climbing is not permitted at any of our venues

4.4 Customers must inform Kicks Dance of any medical issues or requirements teachers should be aware of and the procedures to deal with them. Customers must ensure Kicks Dance has relevant medication for their child

4.5 Customers understand the physically demanding nature of dance and certify that the child is medically fit to participate

4.6 Customers agree to not hold Kicks Dance or its staff liable for any losses, damages, or injuries that may, although unlikely, be incurred as a result of attending a Kicks Dance activity

4.7 Please be advised that Kicks Dance do not recommend participants bring valuables to Kicks activities and if they do so, will be at their own risk

4.8 Customers understand that in some classes, an older helper may take the children to the toilet. In some venues, the children will go on their own


This policy was updated October 2023