SHOW LETTER 1 (October 2023)

(October 2023)


There is a lot of really important information – please read carefully!

Due to the great success of previous shows and the wonderful opportunity it gives the children,  we are heading back to The Hawth in July for our bi-annual Kicks Dance show.

Once again we have amalgamated the East Grinstead, Horsham and Crawley children to create another special performance. This is an excellent opportunity for the children to showcase their hard work on a real stage! There is, of course, no obligation for your child to take part. Although some children may find the prospect a little over whelming, experience has shown that by the summer the children are very ready and excited to be performing for you in a real theatre.


Children will be required to attend to rehearse the show and run-through on the stage. Timings will be confirmed nearer the time.

PERFORMANCES – TUESDAY 30th & WEDNESDAY 31st JULY 2024 (please note this is the beginning of the summer holidays)

The show will start at 7.00pm. Children will be required at the theatre between 5.00pm – 6.00pm, depending on their class/age. The shows will finish at approx 9.00pm and the children should be out of the theatre by 9.15pm. (Pre-school children will be able to leave at during the interval, which will be approx 8.00pm)

 We are working very hard to keep rehearsal and performance times to a minimum as we are aware that our children are very young. The show is in the Summer Holidays this year so that should help. We also know what a wonderful, exciting opportunity you are giving your children by allowing them to represent Kicks. The children (and all of us!) will have a brilliant time.

Please note that one performance will be recorded and a copy will be available to purchase after the show, so by giving permission for your child to be in the show, you will be agreeing to your child being recorded. Children’s names will not be included on the recording.


Please complete the Show 2024 form to confirm whether your child will be taking part in the show by Friday 10th November. Click here to complete the form

If you or your child are unsure, we would highly recommend that you give your permission for them to take part, as it is a lot easier to remove children than adding them at a later date.

Your child cannot take part in the show without your consent. 

Any children not taking part in the show will still be learning the dances and taking part in the classes as normal.



As previously mentioned, to run a show, we will need lots of parents to take the chaperone course and become registered chaperones, which is a requirement of West Sussex County Council. Chaperones will be responsible for looking after the children backstage. The show cannot go ahead without sufficient chaperones so we are very grateful for anyone who is able to do the course.

  • Chaperones will be required to attend online training, organised by West Sussex County Council (or by your local council if not WSCC), at a cost of £30.00. Any parent taking the chaperone course will receive a 10% discount off the following terms fees, after the show. If you are interested in doing the course, please indicate on the form and we can send over the information.
  • Courses take place in Horsham or we may be able to organise a off-site course in January or February (start time of 4.00pm)
  • All chaperones will only be required to help with 1 show, ensuring availability to watch the other performance
  • Please note that due to strict safeguarding and children performance rules, no other adults / parents, other than registered chaperones and DBS checked adults, will be allowed in changing rooms or backstage

The show cannot go ahead without enough chaperones and DBS checked adults so we really do appreciate your help. 


Staging a show such as this is inevitably financially taxing (hire of the theatre for performances and rehearsals, technicians, costumes, music licences etc) but as always, we will aim to keep the costumes simple and try to ask you only to provide items that may be used again.

Unlike other dance schools, we do not charge a large ‘show fee’, but instead we will be organising various fundraising events over the next few months to help raise some funds for the show. For those taking part in the show, we will be adding a voluntary £5.00 contribution per child to the Summer Term invoice to start the fundraising, please let us know if you don’t want us to apply this to your invoice.

Thank you very much for reading all of this information! We will be in touch soon with more information about purchasing tickets etc.

Please email flo@kicksdance.co.uk if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading!

The Kicks Dance Show 2024 Committee



Please fill in the consent form for your child/children by 10th November 2023.

Hear what parents said about our last show…

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting on such an amazing show last week.  I also wanted so say how perfect the music selections were for all the dances. I was so impressed. “

“Just wanted to say a thank you to yourself and the team, it was great to see my daughter up on stage. 2 years ago she wasn’t even talking and her obvious delays in development make this a massive achievement for her. It means a lot that she was able to crack on and get involved “

“My son has just said he’s really sad the show is over, he’s already looking forward to the next show! He’s had a great time and I’ve really enjoyed both helping and watching the show. Thank you to you all for all your hard work that has given all the children such an amazing positive experience”

“Thank you for everything – my son loved taking part in the show! I must congratulate you all on such a well run production!!  It really was amazing and so well organised!!”

“So amazed and proud of my beautiful daughter. What a brilliant show. You are amazing at your job and all the Kicks teachers too! The hard work you all put into the show has definitely paid off. Thank you so much!”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for such a wonderful show! It was an absolute joy to be a chaperone on Monday and just wonderful to watch on Tuesday. My daughter loved every minute of it. Honestly you all organised everything so well, I don’t know how you did it! So a massive thank you to you all and the rest of the Kicks team!”