“The feedback that I have had from the year 1 teachers has been very positive. They are very pleased with the delivery and have enjoyed gathering ideas to use in their own teaching”

(a happy PE coordinator)


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PE provision

  • Would you love your teachers to be totally confident in delivering dance? [/su_list]
  • Is your aim to have full engagement during your dance sessions from children of all ages, abilities and genders
  • Would your staff and pupils benefit from teachers have enough time day to day to step back and observe their pupils?

We have been working with schools for over 10 years, helping them to:

  • Up-skill teachers by providing children with regular, high quality dance provision (usually 6 week blocks), delivered by an outstanding dance leader
  • Provide lesson plans for staff to follow. Plans are designed by trained professionals with Primary Education and Performing Arts backgrounds and are age appropriate
  • Offer fun, engaging dance sessions, based around a mix of ‘dance fitness’ and ‘Street Dance’, rather than Ballet or anything too strict, in order to engage all abilities and genders
  • Improve the coordination, movement skills and musicality of pupils
  • Support the wellbeing and fitness levels of all pupils, as well as focussing on the improvement of self – confidence in pupils
  • Take a step back and observe the progress their students are making – “I never get the chance to sit down and watch the class in this way, it is really lovely and it’s making me a little emotional!”
  • We can also help with PPA cover

“Bringing Kicks to our school was the best thing we’ve ever done. I have never seen the boys so engaged and the energy of the dance teacher and class control is outstanding. It has been extremely helpful for our staff and they have learnt a lot”
(a happy Headteacher)

Dance workshops

  • Do you need to re-engage your pupils in their current topics and find new, innovative ways in teaching them?
  • Would your pupils benefit from fun, educational workshop sessions based on International Days? (ie. World Book day, International Dance Day, Children’s Sports week etc)
  • Do you need to engage, celebrate and support your gifted and talented children, with workshops targeting children with a higher dance ability? 

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At Kicks we can:

  • Offer all year groups new and interested ways to teach their current topics and engage pupils in different themes
  • Provide fun, educational breaks from normal school life, by making Kicks teachers available for ‘National Day’ workshops.
  • Help schools to show that they are considering the needs of their most talented dancers and help to nurture them through higher difficulty dance provision

“Kicks is absolutely brilliant! The teachers are great and make each session energetic and fun. The children always look so happy…the Kicks teachers really go to great trouble to help boost the children’s confidence and they all show huge insight and empathy for any anxieties. I cannot recommend Kicks Dance more!”


  • Could your assemblies and end of year productions benefit from a bit of sparkle?!
  • Would you love to enter dance festivals, competitions, parades and other performances but don’t have the confidence? 
  • Do your staff struggle with the choreography and dancing side of things?
  • Would you like to show your audience the BEST performance you can?

Ask us! 

We can help by:

  • Choreographing and teaching any dance sections of your performance, to any music you would like
  • Giving friendly and supportive advice about the production and ways to make it the best it can be

“The parents loved the performance, it went really well! Thank you”

Extra Curricular activities

  • Would you love to offer your pupils a fun, stress free after – school dance class, with a focus on getting fit and enjoying dancing?
  • Would you love to engage more boys in dance?
  • Are you interested in being seen to be tackling common current issues such as childhood obesity, lack of wellbeing and self – confidence in children and lack of affordable childcare, with minimal effort from yourselves?!

We are the solution for your school!

We offer:

  •  Fun, friendly after – school dance classes for Primary School children, without the pressure of exams or competitions
  • Classes lead by warm, encouraging, nurturing dance leaders in order to increase wellbeing and self – confidence levels in your pupils
  • Competitive prices for your parents and value for money
  • A reliable, stress – free service, as all admin is done by us (we know how busy schools can be!)
  • An exciting alternative to childcare for busy, working parents

“I was so excited about coming to Kicks, I just fell out of the car!” (a happy pupil)

Celebrations and parties!

  • Do your children need a way to blow off steam after their SATs?
  • Would your year 2 or year 6 pupils LOVE an end of year ‘Leavers’ dance party?
  • Would your Reception or year 3 children benefit from dance ‘ice breaker sessions’ in September?


We would love to help!
We will:


  • Organise fun, exciting ‘dance parties’ with warm ups, games and dance offs for your year 2 or year 6 children after their exams or as a fabulous ‘send off’
  • Help to eleviate any worries experienced by your new starters, by running age appropriate, fun, friendly sessions to help relax little anxious mind
  • Help you out with your school Disco entertainment, by bringing speaker, lights & of course…the dancing! (Does your PTA organise your school discos? Send them our way!)


“Kicks is definitely the most organised extra curricular club we have!”

Staff sessions

Coming soon!