Primary Dance workshops

  • Do you need to re-engage your pupils in their current topics?
  • Would your pupils benefit from fun, educational workshop sessions based on International Days? (ie. Children’s Mental Health Week, International Dance Day, Children’s Sports week etc)
  • Do you need to engage, celebrate and support your gifted and talented children, with workshops targeting children with a higher dance ability? 
  • Is your pupils’ mental and physical wellbeing important to you as a school?

 We are the solution for your school! 

Kicks can:


  • offer all year groups dance classes based around their current topics and engage pupils in different themes
  • provide fun and educational breaks from normal school life, by making Kicks teachers available for ‘National Day’ workshops.
  • help schools to show that they are considering the needs of their most talented dancers and help to nurture them through higher difficulty dance provision
  • run wellbeing workshops, focussing on self-confidence, self-esteem and self-expression

Lots of lovely comments from the children and the staff, it was lots of fun. The Year 6 boys were singing choc-o-late today during lunchtime! Thank you for adapting the sessions so well and being so enthusiastic!

A happy teacher