What is Kicks Mix?

Kicks Mix is our only mixed-age group class here at Kicks. Open to boys & girls aged 5-11 years, Kicks Mix is a fun and friendly dance class where children have the opportunity to learn exciting dance routines to music they LOVE, do their own choreography and much, much more!

Why does this class have a mixed age group?

At Kicks, not only are we are passionate about children enjoying dancing to music they love, but we also know that lots of lessons learnt in a dance class are applicable to real life. By being in a mixed age group class, children are able to develop their social skills, learn to work with other children and build the confidence to be able to problem solve and share ideas.

Kicks Mix classes are carefully planned to ensure they include suitable exercises, choreography and tasks for each age group. Our experienced Kicks Mix teachers get to know their students really well and are always on hand to set challenges or make things a bit easier as and when children need it!

When & where will it be?

Classes will be held in Redhill on a Saturday morning. Exact dates & locations TBC. You can register your interest for a free trial session at rianna@kicksdance.co.uk and we will be in touch to give you all the details soon!

Do you live closer to East Grinstead, Crawley & Horsham? Get in touch today to ask us about our popular Kicks Mix classes!