‘a belief in your own ability to do things and be successful’

a feeling of being happy with your own character and abilities’

 The Oxford Dictionary

There is no denying that moving and dancing to music makes everyone young and old feel good. There are so many wonderful clips of happy, nappy clad babies shaking their ‘booties’ in front of the TV whilst watching the latest pop sensation or elderly residents in a care home being transported back in time and memory, whilst listening to long forgotten tunes that can’t help but make them gently waltz and sway.  Dancing makes you feel good. Dancing helps you lose your inhibitions and express yourself in a physical way.

Dance classes for children are a great way to provide a safe, secure and positive arena for children to express themselves.  Familiar routines and processes can help children overcome shyness and ease them gently out of their comfort zones.  Encouraging children to ‘have a go’in the circle or dance from the corner independently are great ways for them to test their abilities and develop a belief in themselves.

Dance classes provide a safe setting for children to learn new skills, make new friends and become part of a special dance family. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a shy little one come to life when they realise that they are capable of standing in the middle of the circle leading the warm up. Suddenly they stand taller with their smiles widening, their confidence growing.

At Kicks we aim to provide that safe, fun and encouraging environment where children will grow in confidence and self-esteem at their own pace and potential. One happy mum says about her daughter ‘she’s never been that confident in her abilities. Kicks really made her believe in herself. My shy little girl takes it all completely in her stride and the smile on her face makes my heart want to pop!’

Another happy parent adds I honestly believe this dance class has helped mould her into a confident little girl’

Whilst this mum says Charlie is now oozing with confidence’

An ex pupil saysIt really boosted my confidence and helped me be able to stand up and talk in public’

What better proof that dancing is a great way to help children learn to believe and be happy in their own abilities.

As Anna, a former pupil and Kicks dance assistant says about helping in a Reception class  Some of them are also very shy and I can really see myself in them but I know they will be fine – they are Kicks little ones after all!’

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