Who are our Funky Groovers parties for?
Children turning 5, 6, 7 or 8 years old. Our Funky Groovers parties are specifically designed for your Primary School aged child and their guests!

What do Funky Groovers parties consist of?
Our Funky Groover parties are 2 hours long; 1 hour of party games, then 30 mins for the birthday tea, followed by a condensed Kicks class and little dance routine.

What is the cost?
£165 (£50 deposit due upon booking and the rest due 14 days before the party)

How many children can we invite?

What will I need to provide?
The venue and decorations, party tea and cake and party bags. 

Should I provide a pass the parcel?
You don’t have to, but it is always a favourite!

What next?
Choose a theme below and contact your local Kicks Dance franchisee to enquire about our availability and how to book your party! Click here to read our refund policy.  Read our blog ‘Time to celebrate’ with 7 helpful tips for planning your child’s party and to download our handy checklist!

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Play games with the unicorns and dance with fairy friends

At this magical, fairy tale party the make believe never ends

For your little prince or princesses this theme is really great

So hurry, the clock is ticking – book now before it’s too late!

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Pom poms and marching are the order of the day,

At this fun filled party we’ll dance and cheer away, 

Sit back and enjoy without any stress,

Give me a K give me an I give me a C K S!

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Ahoy me little hearties, how much treasure can you find?

Let’s go dancing on the beach – don’t leave your parrots behind

If you choose this Pirate party, you won’t need to walk the plank

Stress-free, fun and fabulous and it won’t break the bank!

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Does your child wish they were a star?

At this kicks party – they truly are

Invite your favourite popstar friends

And dance to chart hits and recent trends

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Wonderwoman, Superman, Batman or Catgirl

Have fun to Superhero songs with a POW Wow and a twirl!

At this Hero party you could dress as GI Joe

Get your spidey senses ready and let’s go go go go go



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A pretty little party – perfect for any age

Your Prima Ballerina will of course be centre stage

On their tippy toes they’ll twirl and try to pirouette

A ballerina party little dancers won’t forget!

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There’s a rumble in the jungle

There’s a monkey up a tree

Let’s leap and pounce and jump and bounce

What animal will YOU be?

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Can’t choose a theme or want a bit of a mix?

Don’t worry – just leave it all up to Kicks!

Whether it’s just fun and laughter or the trends of the day

A Kicks Party Time Party will be fun all the way

“Thank you SO much for an amazing party. Mia had the best time and all the girls loved it. Kicks parties are fantastic!”