‘Words from the heart’

Our next ‘Words from the heart’ article comes from parent Sylvia who talks about her son, Charlie and his journey with Kicks.

Charlie started Kicks Dance East Grinstead when he started school, many years ago. He has grown into a lovely, funny boy over the last 7 years and his mum, Sylvia tells us about his Kicks journey.

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From my heart…

7 years ago this year my eldest son Charlie joined Kicks in Early Years. From the very first session he did as a sample class in his PE lesson, he was hooked! From an early age Charlie loved music and movement and Kicks has really moved this on. The impact that Kicks has had on him has now manifested itself into my youngest son and after watching the Kicks show last year Ollie decided that he wanted to join Kicks too and has never looked back!

Charlie started Kicks with a lot of his class mates – many boys which was great to see. Boys taking such an active and engaging role with dance was important to me as a mum as I wanted Charlie to not feel isolated as a boy engaged in dancing. As the years progressed the number of boys inevitably did decrease but due to the amount of care and nurture by his amazing Kicks teacher Julia, Charlie is now oozing with confidence and loves being one of the few boys left from the very start of his Kicks journey. He is now passionate about performing and I often cannot get him off the stage! His journey with Kicks has really embedded him with great performance skills as well as allowing him to express himself and how he feels within movement without being judged. This will be his last year as a Kicks student but he has already said that he can’t leave so wants to come back when he’s at secondary school and help out with Kicks classes to pass on his passion of dance and be a male role model to the younger years. Thank you Kicks! You have given both of my sons a chance to sparkle and I thank you so much!

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