‘Words from the heart’

We continue with our 3rd ‘Words from the heart’ series of blog entries with Heather Brice, parent of Emma who has been at Kicks Dance Horsham since day 1!

Emma started Kicks Dance when Amelia first started Kicks Dance Horsham and she was in Reception. Emma is now in year 5, helps Amelia with her younger classes and continues to grow into a beautiful little dancer! Read Emma’s mum’s lovely words about what Kicks has done for Emma.

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From my heart…

When we saw some of the East Grinstead dancers performing at a school fair six years ago there was no question that my daughter Emma would sign up to the brand new Horsham Reception classes when she started school that September. What a fantastic decision that was! She has loved every minute of it. Even though I think she’s good at many things, she’s never been that confident in her abilities. Kicks really made her believe in herself. My shy little girl has now performed with Kicks on stage numerous times at various theatres and takes it all completely in her stride and the smile on her face makes my heart want to pop!
Kicks has also given her the opportunity to do something else she is passionate about – looking after younger children and helping to teach the little ones routines in one of Amelia’s KS1 classes.
She may be leaving primary school in just over a year but I hope that her Kicks journey can carry on for a few more years to come!

From Emma…

Hi, my name is Emma and I started Kicks in Reception and I’ve enjoyed it so much. When I was young I was always shy and nervous about doing things, but doing Kicks has made me realise that I should be myself and do what makes me happy. Now I’m a lot more confident about doing things. The Kicks teachers are amazing and are so fun and make you feel happy. I enjoy doing shows so that all the parents can see you dance and see you smile. Kicks is the best when you can show people you sparkle.

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Every child is a star…give yours the chance to sparkle!