Time to decide how to celebrate! 

Read our 7 tips to planning a fabulous party for your birthday star!

  1. TIMING Start thinking about your child’s party in enough time to ensure your entertainer and hall is available, get invites out and get organised. In the days leading up, have party bags and food ready and confirm with suppliers to ensure everything is good to go. On the day, book the venue for at least 30 minutes either side of the party times to ensure you have time to set up and clear away at the end.

2. DECORATION It is always nice to set the scene and pop up some decorations, but don’t spend a fortune! Rather than a real life unicorn and 400 helium balloons…why not just put some pretty party bunting up, paper table cloths and a few balloons on the wall?

3. PARTY BAGS The typical party bag is not the only thing you can give your guests anymore. Why not hand out a balloon each to take home, or a blow up guitar (we often see this at our Popstar parties!) or a sweetie cone?

4. LUNCH/TEAThis doesn’t have to be as extravagant as you think! Children will eat anything and they won’t notice if you have made it all from scratch…or whether you have ordered some pizzas in (which we think is a GREAT idea by the way!)

6. ENTERTAINERThis is the most important decision you’ll make about your child’s party. Get recommendations from friends, social media and read testimonials. There are so many lovely party companies out there, so decide what is important to you. Would you like to organise everything and just have someone there to act as a fun interlude? Or would you like someone to run the whole party from start to finish, bring music, games, prizes etc, so that you can sit back and enjoy?

As fabulous as lots of party companies are, they can cost nearly as much as a small car(!!) Decide on your budget and research exactly what you get for your money. Do you want to pay a premium for someone to provide tea, party bags, cake, entertainment so you don’t have to do anything? Or are you happy to provide the basics and leave the rest to an entertainer? Your child will remember their party fondly, regardless of whether you spent £150 on it or £450. (Note: Good party entertainers will have a DBS check and public liability insurance).

7. THE CHILDREN– You often won’t know all your child’s friends and won’t have met their parents. Make name labels. This way you can learn the children’s names quickly and also identify children with allergies etc quickly. Have a list with the children’s names, with contact details and any allergies/medical information. This can be done prior to the party or at drop off time. Photos as memories are lovely, but just be aware that there may be parents who may not want their child’s photo on social media.

7. Things to put on your list that you may not have thought of!

  • Matches/lighter for the cake
  • Knife to cut the cake
  • Bin bags
  • Tissues/kitchen roll
  • Loo roll (just in case!)

Above all, enjoy it and have fun! Your birthday girl/boy will love whatever you do for them! At Kicks, we have been running fun, stress – free birthday parties for over 10 years. Click here to see photos! Book our ALL NEW Kicks parties now!