Kicks Classes

Our classes are targeted at specific age ranges and offer regular structured lessons.

Kicks Tots: (18 months – 2yrs)

  • Classes specifically planned and developed for the younger child
  • Adult participation to support child’s learning and development
  • Aims to help develop social and motor skills, rhythm and encourage independence and confidence
  • Each class is structured and loosely based on a theme
  • Props and familiar music
  • Lots of fun for children and grown-ups alike!

Pre-School 1/2 hr class: (Ages 3 – 4yrs)

  • Aims to help develop social and motor skills
  • Continues to develop an appreciation of rhythm
  • Encourages independence & confidence and above all, is fun!
  • Each class is structured and loosely based on a theme (ie. fairytales, superheroes, animals, water etc)
  • Every class starts with action songs the children know & love
  • Props such as wands, scarves, bean bags, storybooks & much more!

Reception 3/4 hr class: (Ages 4 – 5yrs)

  • Continues developing motor skills with more emphasis on independence and creativity
  • Classes are structured, but not strict – our main aim is to have fun!
  • Set warm-ups to music the children know and love
  • Introduction to new songs and genres of music
  • A short performance to parents at the end of every term

Kicks Mix: (Ages 5-11/school years 1 to 6)

  • Follows similar structure to other classes
  • Mix of ages
  • A great way to make new friends!

All other classes follow a similar structure of varied warm-ups and learning new dance routines set to music the children recognise and love:

  • Years 1+2 – 1 hr class: (Ages 5 – 7)
  • Years 3+4 – 1 hr class: (Ages 7 – 9)
  • Years 5+6 – 1 hr class: (Ages 9 – 11)